This page is for committee members to review community guidelines, collective learning goals, workshop schedules, and updates



June 6th: Treaty 7 and Missing Histories: seth cardinal dodging horse discusses his artistic practice through the lens of Treaty 7 with curator Fung Ling, who will share her research about Chinese and Indigenous relationships in the past.


June 13th: Story telling session: Committee members share cultural learnings learned from their communities

June 20th: How to give a meaningful land acknowledgment

June 27:BREAK

July 4th:Cultural Appropriation and it’s Violences

July 11th:Unlearning binary constructions of gender and sexuality (2 Spirit, queering Taoism, and other forms of gender frameworks)

July 25th: Public presentation of the committee


Community Guidelines

  • What is shared is in confidence. We trust each other not to share beyond the space

  • Speak from the “I" 

  • Check in with each other

  • Trust in testimony

  • Center the knowledge and protocols of the land we are on

  • Validate the slowness, care, and kindness this kind of learning requires form everyone

  • Boundary setting: Annie will be a mediator as we slowly set personal parameters


Collective Learning Goals

  • Come up with tangible ways of mobilizing where we can support each other and not just have a conversation

  • Unlearn pan Indigeneity, model minority myth, and white supremacist values

  • Learn through story telling 

  • Accessing and honouring knowledge in a way that is reciprocal, intentional, and not extractive  

  • How can we share futurism? Imagine and dream collectively? 

  • Acknowledge the distinct and incomparable historical and ongoing harms experience by the Chinese and Indigenous communities without centering trauma