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Bureau of Life Complaints
Get out of My Room
Textures of Toronto
Get out of my Room
Get out of My Room
Textures of Toronto
Get out of my Room
Factory Photo Booth
What a Drag

Young Mammals / Projects

​​Various projects with Mammalian Diving Reflex > 2012 - 2015


A selection of projected created in collaboration with the Torontonians and local communities as Mammalian Diving Reflex's Young Mammals Director.


The Bureau of Life Complaints > Installation and performance: In collaboration with youth, we administered over 100 life complaints on Bloor street to collectively devise of social solutions to personal problems. 

Textures of Toronto > installation: In collaboration with Sanjay Ratnan, we gathered over 150 samples from nine different neighborhoods to create a room installation representing the various 'textures' of the city.

Socialist Games > performance: A participatory performance of summer-camp style games where strangers are invited to play with each other.

What a drag > performance: A tour of the Art Gallery of Ontario's Contemporary Galleries led by teens who drag you along the floor on a inflatable donut.

Factory Photo Booth > installation and performance: In collaboration with John Caffery, we re-created Andy Warhol's Factory with four teen Warhols.

Security Guards Just Want To Give you A High-five > performance: Art Gallery of Ontario security guards give guests high-fives throughout the day.

Energy Dispersion for the Attraction of Good Spirits > performance: Local Tai Chi artist are located throughout the Art Gallery of Ontario to create an invisible massive whirlpool of positive energy to attract good spirits. 

Tete-et-Tete > performance: In collaboration with Eva Verity, we paired up audience members to enact a series of pre-scripted dialgoues between lost friends and lovers.

Lying on Your Back While Overhearing Conversations > Installation / Performance: Participants are invited to lie on cot and eavesdrop in on the conversations between local teens.


Get out of my Room > Installation / Performance: In collaboration with the local teens, we created an immersive room installation representing the teen pysche in the form of a bedroom. Throughout the exhibition, teens use the space as if it were their own bedroom, navigating the awkward interactions with attendees.




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