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Sofy Mesa shares 'goods'
Kiera Boult gives a 'testament'
Laboni Islam ask who you are at 15
Ashlee Harper facilitates quizes
Sylvia Limbana IRL
Sister Co-Resistor

Tell: Stories of Girlhood > Performance > Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography as part of Field of Vision > 2017 

Participating artists: Kiera Boult, Ashlee Harper, Laboni Islam, Sylvia Limbana, and Sofy Mesa
Directed by Annie Wong and produced by Sister Co-Resistor founders, Marilyn Fernandes and Pamila Matharu

Tell: Stories of a Girlhood is a live-art story-telling project exploring suspended adolescence through a performative lens examining questions of how do we collectively survive and thrive through the presence of gender-based violence? Told through multiple diverse feminist voices; this is a live ‘zine’ response inspired by Soraya Peerbaye’s poetry collection Tell: Poems of a Girlhood (Pedlar Press, 2015), which examines the memory of Reena Virk (March 10th, 1983 - Nov 14, 1997) who was bullied to death on November 14th, 1997 in Saanich, British Columbia. Our response begins in the position of survivors where we will collectively build, share, and imagine spaces of healing for nuanced embodied girlhoods told through socially-engaged activities, dialogue, sharing, and performance art.


Established in 2013, Sister Co-Resister - the collective formerly known as Bonerkill - is an feminist art collective focused on collaborative art-making and trans-disciplinary exchange. Crisscrossing public pedagogy, intersectional feminism and contemporary art; Sister Co-Resister works through social practice, installation, performance and publishing, as a catalyst for social change. Sister Co-Resister is: Kiera Boult, Marilyn Fernandes, Ananda Gabo, Ashlee Harper, Shaista Latif, Syliva Limbana, Pamila Matharu, Sofia Mesa, and Annie Wong.

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