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The Maze of La Vie Maison

Installation > Toronto > Joue / Big on Bloor Festival of Arts and Culture > 2016


Staying past midnight to finish up paperwork, owner of the furniture store La Vie Maison, Rafia Irum fell asleep at her desk. Unaware of her sleeping state, Rafia woke to discover that all the furniture in the store had rearranged itself into a maze. At every corner she was confronted by a knock-knock joke that plunged her deeper into the labyrinth of her dream. In partnershp with furntiure store La Vie Maison, The Maze of La Vie Maison is a 200 sq ft reconstruction of Rafia’s dream composed of over 100 chairs in the basement of the store. The maze invites participants to wander through the twist, turns, and knock-knock jokes to make sense of the mysteries that dwell in the store’s living furniture. 



Click the player to listen to the knock-knock jokes by one of the employees of the store.

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