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Trilogy > Toronto > Unit 2 > 2013-14 > Duration: 10 - 20mins each 

Trilogy is a series of three endurance performances, Breathe, The Dialectical, and Funny. Each piece explores the limits of the human body, will, and compassion.

In the Dialectical, two performers exhaust themselves in a turn-by-turn tug-of-war that concludes with an embrace.​ The performance imagines an ideal dialectic between gendered bodies. 

Breathe is a sound piece that takes the simple yet vital act of breathing to its furthest extent of excess, exhaustion, and exacerbation. Over a period of 10-15 minutes, measured and meditative breathing slowly accumulates to the point of hyperventilation until reaching the climatic edge of complete exhaustion- a sudden lost of consciousness. The performance explores the relation between the female body and the psyche and its capacity to navigate extremes.

Funny is a live performance of will, defeat, and humiliation. After a turn-by-turn tug-of-war, the male and female performers engage in a futile tackling match that inevitable sees the female underneath, being tickled to tears. ​

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