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My Story Begins Here
A Bird in the House
Zine making at the Gladstone Hotel
How to Get arrested
Zine Machine at the NXNE festival
Workshop at Runneymede Collegiate
Workshop at NXNE
Forgive and Forget zine
Zine Machine at the AGO
Zine Machine at the AGO

Zine Machine / Arts Education

​​In partnership with Broken Pencil Magaizne, I launched an experimental arts education intiative to explore a variety of zine  and alternative art making practices in collaboration with young people.

Zine Machine is a multidisciplinary arts education initiative rooted in the spirit of zine making and alternative arts. Lead by a roster of diverse artists, Zine Machine performs a type of alternative pedagogy that is not afraid to let loose and get messy. In the past our projects have seen us get lost in a series of high rise apartments in the GTA, play Arabic hiphop in the library, and help a teen make an elaborate ‘choose-your-own-getting-arrested-adventure” zine. Our method of exploratory art making is also a means of building community whether that be with children in the classroom, teens in the GTA, or adults in the backroom of the Gladstone Hotel. Zine Machine is a micro-utopia making-machine that generates new ways of thinking about art making, learning, and community building.


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Workshops / Experimental pedagogy / arts education initiative > 2012 - 2017

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